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                                                 Omega Lift Equipment

Omega Lift is our line of solid professional lifting equipment including bottle jacks, service jacks, transmission jacks, engine cranes, press and many other innovative products including the patented "Magic Lift" efficient lifting feature.




A revolutionary technology of super fast lifting speed for professional mechanics. After the first pump reaches the lifting point, the jack continues with extraordinary lifting speed to raise the load to the desired height.




Omega Lift Equipment introduces the worldwide patent pending Omega Wheel Arm, an essential tool to get for all automotive shops to improve the safety of technicians! Traditionally, tyres are removed and placed on the floor during wheel assemblies and then lifted off the floor again to re-install. This movement itself not only adds stress to your back but could also slow down overall productivity time. No more bending and strenuous lifting of tyres, the Omega Wheel Arm is the perfect and innovative accessory companion to all vehicle lifts and hoists. With its adjustable brackets, you can simply attach the Omega Wheel Arm to most vehicle lifts or hoists and easily hang wheels off the swivel bar. 








  • Omega Heavy Duty Shop Presses  

    Omega Shop Presses are available in 15T, 20T, 30T and 50Tonne capacity and are excellent for bending, bonding or straightening applications. Multi position bed for work height adjustment are available as well as winch operation for 50 Tonne Capacity Shop Press. Omega Heavy Duty Shop Press includes double speed pumps for fast ram moving without load, and cylinder can also be re-positioned in width. 


  • Omega Heavy Duty Air Actuated Axle Jacks



The Omega Heavy Duty Air Actuated Axle Jack are available in a range of compact low profile design that provides easy access between wheels of tandem axle trucks. Extension adapters are also included. Models available are as shown - 


Part Number

23152 - 15/30 Tonne Two Stage Lightweight Foldable

23212 - 20/40 Tonne Two Stage

24113 - 10/20/40 Tonne Three Stage

24213 - 20/40/60 Tonne Three Stage





Featured Products

ProLift Lawn Mower Lift 

The ProLift Lawn Mower Lift can quickly and swiftly lift almost all models of mowers with its universal design to enable general maintenance, blades sharpening, belt replacements, and debris removal. In just a matter of seconds, the simple hydraulic foot pump lever can raise or lower your mower.








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