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What is covered or not covered under warranty?  

Express Warranty Statement

32. The supplier warrants that during the period of twelve months from the date of purchase of the goods the supplier will at its option at the request of the consumer and subject to clauses 33 to 38, repair or replace free of charge, any goods defective by reason of faulty components or workmanship.

33. This warranty is void if the goods:  

    * have been used other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;

    * have not been properly serviced and maintained;

    * have been misused, tampered with, damaged or willfully destroyed, and

    * have been modified without the written consent of the supplier  

34. The warranty only applies to goods imported by and purchased from the supplier.

35. The warranty does not apply to fair wear and tear resulting from the normal operation of the goods.

36. The supplier must be notified of any such faulty components or workmanship in writing within 14 days from the date the defect first became apparent to the first user of such goods.

37. Whether goods are defective will be determined by the supplier at its sole discretion either directly or indirectly through an authorized repair centre.

38. The supplier warrants that spare parts will be available for a period of five years from the date of the last importation of the model of the goods after which all reasonable efforts will be made to supply spare parts but supply cannot be guaranteed.


How long is the Warranty period?  

Manafactures warranty period is for 12 Months from the date of purchase.


What details do I need to provide if I want to return my jack for warranty?  

What we request is the following, other than a proof of purchase you will need to provide specifically the, model, serial number, purchase date and a specific and detailed fault description on the claim form.


What is the return procedure of a jack under warranty?  

Once a jack has been taken back to the place of purchase. They (place of purchase) will need to be in contact with Shinn Fu for a warranty claim form. This form needs to be filled in full and be as accurate as reasonably possible and returned to Shinn Fu. If Shinn Fu deems the warranty claim needs further attention and Return Authorization Number (RA) will be issued for return to Shinn Fu for further inspection and diagnosis. Or, where possible be sent to our repair agent. Where a jack has been authorized for a replacement or credit and Shinn Fu see's fit that the jack does not need to be returned and RA# will be issued and the new stock will be sent as soon as it is available and in accordance with Shinn Fu's dispatch guidlines.


What is jack maintenance?  

Maintenance is considered keeping your jack clean, and kept with suitable levels of oil. For optimum performance maintenace work will need to be performed in caring for your jack. A well looked after jack will have a regular maintenance checks.


What oil should I use in my jack?  

When adding or replacing oil, ALWAYS use good grade Hydraulic Jack oil. DO NOT use Hydraulic Brake Fluid, Alcohol, Glycerin, Detergent, Motor Oil or dirty oil. Use of an improper fluid can cause serious internal damage to your jack.


How do I change oil? Adding oil?  

Position the jack on level ground and fully lower the saddle. Remove oil filler plug. (click here for the location)

Turn jack over and drain old oil out through the oil filler plug hole.

Refill with new oil through the oil filler plug hole. Not allow dirt or other foreign materials to enter the hydraulic system when filling.


What is the proper level for oil?  

Generally, 12 mm from the top of the reservoir .


Where is the serial number located?  

Please click here for examples.


How do I release the air from my jack?  

Remove any air from hydraulic system by opening the release valve and rapidly pumping the jack handle several times.


How do I prevent my jack from rusting?  

Check the ram and pump plunger periodically (as part of you maintenance procedure) for any signs of rust or corrosion. Clean as needed by wiping with an oily cloth. When not in use ALWAYS store your jack with your saddle and pump plunger lowered all the down.


Are spare parts available?  

Yes, we have a number of spare parts on hand. (Most repair kits, return springs, castor wheels). The items we do not have on hand we can make them available but may take 2 - 3 months to supply from our factory.


I have just purchased a jack and went to put load on it and its failed what should I do?  


Due to shipment and/or handling air can be trapped in the hydraulic system, which can interfere with the jacks lifting. To release air from the hydraulic system:

• Open release valve by turning the jack handle counterclockwise.

• Remove the oil filler plug from the cylinder.

• Rapidly pump jack handle through several full strokes.



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